Physical reality becomes more stable with the time

Compounds which are crystallizing in nature for million of years don’t change their melting point. At least not considerably. Instead compounds which exist only since 100 years or less have a melting point which increase since they was discovered. The melting point increase until it reach a stable point. The rate of melting point increase is similar to the curve of the charging of a capacitor, fast at the beginning and slow at the end when it reaches a saturation.

This was observed for new chemical derivates like Aspirin (8 degrees), D-Penicillamine (20 degrees) or cocaine hydrochloride (13 degrees).


How can this be explained?
Rupert Sheldrake wrote in his book “New Science of Life” that morphic resonance leads towards an increased rate of crystallization the more often a compound is crystallized. An increase in morphic field strength should also cause crystal to be more stable and harder to destroy. So crystals break up when they are heated to their melting point, therefore a stronger morphic field should cause the melting point to increase, especially for new kinds of crystals.

Many people believe now that thoughts generates morphic fields and the repetition of similar thoughts makes these fields stronger. This phenomenon is even used by the publicity industry.

But who could imagine that this invisible morphic fields have also an effect on physical reality?


Some technologies and methods may use this phenomenon for producing remedies. For example in homeopathy the repeated succussion. The repetition of the succussion bounds the morphic field of the original substance to the carrier substance (water for example). They don’t seem to have a direct effect on physical reality, but biological organisms reacts on homeopathy. At least water is very suggestible to morphic fields and this becomes visible when it is frozen. Organisms seems to be able to communicate on that level, sharing information and creating new invisible and immaterial fields. Every memory we have is such a field.

Could it be, that if certain fields becomes more abundant and stronger, that “things happens“, changing physical reality, altering some physical constants, making them variable?
Rupert Sheldrake also wrote about physical constants, like the light speed. It is proven, that light speed is not a constant. Just read the historical data.

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Classification of homeopathic therapists according to the element theory

Language is the most basic and essential tool of homeopaths. The anamnesis is the best source of information. And despite of that, some homeopaths fall back on primitive tools for analysis like radionics. According to Jan Scholten most homeopaths are the “Lanthanides series” type, persons who search inside themselves, try to be independent, or at least they can be found on the “Silver series”, people who loves sciences and search for new insight, experts in communication. But there seems another kind of therapists who has not reached that level. Let’s see how we can apply element theory of homeopathy on the therapists.

Hydrogen to Silicium series

Normally they have no interest in healing arts and much less in homeopathy.

Iron series

They work, work, work, real workaholics. Repetition is their core essence. Imitation, learning from others. They need instructions, feedback from some kind of machine (radionics, biofeedback, meridian measurement) but without to understand the underlying principles. They are able to understand new concepts, but they need a teacher, a guru. Learning from books is rather difficult, only possible with a teacher. They can be found at every seminar for beginner, learning the basics of the Organon, the basics of the materia medica. They do not perform a homeopathic proving on their own, only in a group. In analyzing a case they rely heavily on a software with an expert system. Thinking out the box is not an option, they live inside the box, the fabric. Some of them even use complex or combination remedies and other compromises in the worst case. New therapy systems which are labeled with some kind of trademark under the control of a franchise could unfortunately attract them. Usually they confuse homeopathy with herbalism or other naturopathic therapies.

Positive: they love to work in a team, work hard and long, asks questions, asks for help, accept criticism very well
Negative: they don’t think much on their own (even dogmatic or too skeptic like alumina) and their learning progress is rather average

Silver series

They are attracted to homeopathy because of it’s interdisciplinary requirements in science, medicine, language (linguistics), psychology, and so on. They are ready to learn new methods, acquire new skills. They love books and they are autodidacts. They search for a teacher only to achieve a certain level of skill faster. They understand that language is the most powerful tool and they do not rely on software or the repertory too much, because they are aware that these are just tools. They even regard teachers as “tools“. With the time they create their own system, write their own books and become a teacher on their own. They love to communicate new ideas to their colleagues or patients, organizing seminars and congresses. They are rather creative and have a inclination to self-presentation (like a actor).

Positive: (almost) independent, autodidacts, creative
Negative: don’t ask for help and could appear a little arrogant, don’t like criticism

Aurum series

Their profession can be felt as a “burden”, heavy and they have sometimes the delusion that without them the world would stop spinning. It is like they behave as a prophet, someone with a divine mission. They listen, but it’s like they are in some kind distant, isolated from the patient. But they do their very best for their patients. They regard their patients as their “children”, they hug them and they care very much. Maybe they get more responsibility with the time. They lead a school for homeopathy, publishing house for homeopathic literature, manage congresses for homeopathy and so on. It’s all about a greater responsibility.

Positive: A warm quality of interest and very responsible like a father
Negative: They can retreat and isolate themselves, becoming very depressed, too much responsibility, never asking for help (which can be dangerous for themselves) … or they become very arrogant because they fear to loose their higher status

Lanthanide series

They go on a lonely journey in their inner world. They love independence and stillness. During this calm moments they find new and very deep insights, which are very helpful for the entire homeopathy society. But to find this calm moments becomes more and more difficult. It is like they need to find all fragments of themselves first and reunite them (like Arnica which is related to the Lanthanides). Their task is “inner unity“, the magnetic field which reorders the particles to one whole. But when they finally reach their goal, when they come back from their (inner) journeys, they have a lot to tell and we have a lot to learn from them. Whatever they find, it was buried in the deep and it needs a lot of time to digest. They can recognize invisible morphic fields, even without the powerful tool of language, because they look inside and recognize the patterns.

Positive: deep thinkers, innovative, they see the whole picture (of the entire family or even society in relation to the patient) and their therapy can be very effective
Negative: they spend too much time with their inner world, they have no time for their patients, they get easily bored with “superficial cases” (or what they may regard as superficial)

Actinides series

Like the Lanthanide series, the Actinides type of therapist is able to recognize the invisible morphic field, the invisible force which influence entire societies. But in contrast to the Lanthanide the Actinides are also able to manipulate this vast fields for their own purpose. A rare kind of person, because they may die young or they will not have any interest in helping others. But if they decide to help and to become a therapist, they are the most powerful. They seem to have endless energy, bright in many fields, from art to science and so much more. They reach insight so much more easily as the Lanthanide type. When Lanthanide needs a journey, the Actinides needs just a nap.

Positive: powerful healers
Negative: no interest in the individual person, manipulative in a very subtle way

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Is Consciousness More than the Brain?

Is Consciousness More than the Brain?

No truly coherent cosmology can fail to address human consciousness. As Wal Thornhill has written, “A real cosmology must be a broad and coherent natural philosophy. It may always be incomplete, based on our limitations, but to be valid there can be no exceptions in our experience. In particular, cosmology must address issues of life and the human condition. Therefore it must be a truly interdisciplinary pursuit.”

Today, perhaps the ultimate unsolved mystery of human life is: how and why does consciousness exist? Although some scientific literature still acknowledges that the question remains open, the overwhelming consensus among neuroscientists today is that the brain alone creates conscious experience. However, for decades, acclaimed scientists around the world have conducted research into consciousness that provides a very different picture. One of the most remarkable of these researchers is Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. We asked Dr. Gary Schwartz for his thoughts on the mystery of consciousness.

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Planetary Consciousness

Comments and notes on George Vithoulkas essay “Can Medicine or Religion save the planet from a major catastrophe?“.

…there is a level of planetary consciousness as well as a dark side of our conscience we can call planetary subconsciousness. Those who understand the way these levels are formed and functioning can manipulate them and rule the world leading it to destruction.

Two questions: What is a planetary consciousness and who is manipulating it?


What is a planetary consciousness?

We are all familiar with the general and rather abstract concept that there is such a thing as a planetary consciousness.

But it is already very difficult to define the term consciousness let alone the expression planetary consciousness.

I prefer the term “collective consciousness“, also the term “collective subconsciousness” which was described once from Carl Jung. Vithoulkas uses the word “Planetary Consciousness“, a term used also by “The Club of Budapest“.

The Club of Budapest’s Planetary Consciousness Prizes are awarded in recognition of the urgent necessity to upgrade the thinking and feeling – the consciousness – of a critical mass of people in today’s societies. The problems faced by the world community today are due above all to a lag in the consciousness of people and leaders with respect to the rapidity with which new conditions evolve on this planet. The Prizes honour individuals who, in their sphere of personal and professional activity, have been most effective in exhibiting and promoting the universally required new consciousness.

In Wikipedia consciousness is described like this: … a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.

Vithoulkas describes it in a similar way:

I will therefore try to give a short definition. Consciousness is the degree to which each one of us participates in the understanding of objective Truth. No body has the absolute truth but each one of us participates in a relative degree to the truth. The more we approach the understanding of objective truth the higher the consciousness we have.

We can see that he includes the notion of a collective part of consciousness. Interactivity is integrative part in communication, so there is not only a I (my own ego) but also many others who participate in this communication and building of reality.

Therefore all the individual degree of consciousness that each one of us have, our understanding of truth, shapes and builds -taken collectively- the planetary consciousness. It is the collective net result of the degree of consciousness of each one of us.

Who is manipulating the planetary consciousness?
As Vithoulkas has written, those who understand the way these levels are formed and functioning can manipulate them and rule the world … finally leading it to destruction.

So if a few persons or a specific group had the financial power to manipulate and direct the media in order to shape the planetary consciousness the way they liked it they could actually rule the world.

So whoever enforce it’s own idea of reality onto others by manipulating the collective consciousness via media is doing a criminal act against humanity.

A small scale of a similar experiment was done through the propaganda campaign of the fascist regime of Hitler, who fortunately did not have the world media power to influence the whole world at the time.

Vithoulkas and many more people today recognize the power behind this manipulation technique. The problem is that most people are not aware at all that they are manipulated and they trust the media so much, that every time the word “experts” appears this reassures them of the veracity of the information delivered to them. Most people are on a lower level of maturity and they don’t take responsibility to acquire knowledge for themselves, to think for themselves and question the reality based on illusions.

Today we are in a terrible danger of the same thing happening in another subtler way by a new group of financially powerful individuals whether Greek, German American or Jewish that could dominate with their propaganda the media of the whole world.

Behind these manipulation are just individuals, not millions. The core is very small, but these individuals have the financial power in order to bring forward huge propaganda campaigns which costs billions. But they don’t care about the money, because they know that they assure their wealth at the end by gaining the control over the world.

What we witness through the media is that the planet is full of wars, murders, crimes of all kinds, competition, and misinformation. The final result of all these atrocities is that the individual has the impression that in order to survive in such a hostile world has to be, in constant defense; therefore he also has to kill before is killed.


This misinformation holds the collective consciousness on a very low level, that of an animal which is under a constant threat. Fear is a poison for the spiritual person. It transforms a good person in a illusionary warrior or war victim, a war which is not actually there in the physical world, but it is fought on a spiritual level (as the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:10-20).

As a result we are involved in a war that we never desired.

This consciousness is never static but always moving up or down, and can change from day to day. Such a change is linear for most of the time but it suddenly can change dramatically in a quantum jump manifesting as a new state of consciousness that has transcended the past.

When I read this passage it remembered me how the stock market works. There is a similar stability (aka linearity) and before the course of a share changes rapidly there are specific patterns. These patterns are all related to mathematical functions like the Fibonacci sequences, which again are all related to the mind. What we experience here is a evil game played by the dark core of humanity. They are the traders (or merchants) and we all are the share.

I believe that at this moment the planet is passing through its darkest period in its spiritual history, and therefore the negative forces are uppermost and in control.

Therefore the quality of thoughts and feelings that are manifesting in our daily life today, constitute collectively, the negative quality of our planetary consciousness that we are experiencing today and also signaling the degree of truth or illusion within which we are living as a whole race.

Rupert Sheldrake’s theory could be applied here. What if every thought generates a morphic field, invisible and nonlocal, influencing the thoughts of other people. And what if the building up of massive morphic fields is manipulated by the dark core of humanity in order to bring destruction and despair, what can we do against this evil force?

… how such a planetary subconsciousness, is formed, what is their influence in our daily life, how can we trace them, perhaps then we can find out their origin and also the ways through which they influence our every day life.

I’ve always said “follow the money“, but here it’s not only the money. I also believe that there are many layers of darkness in this world, many levels of power. The politicians are just marionettes and not the so called dark core. There are people behind this who act behind the curtain of this theater, whispering their commands to the main actors and the main actors influence other actors and so on and so on.

The investigation of such a matter is not simple of course and cannot be exhausted in a talk of this kind but I will try to outline my main ideas.

It is certainly true and is obvious that much of what is happening today in our world springs from ideas and decisions that have been taken in secret organizations and from centers of political power that are not obvious or open.

Plainly said, the secret organizations have their roots in a ancient city called Babel (later it became Babylon). All freemason came from there, their knowledge, their agenda, their power. This is the very dark core of humanity. Dissolve this and humanity will finally be free.

Freemason Hall in London

Different levels of Darkness

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at this moment working in secret services and societies like the CIA, the Mossad, the KGB… etc etc. Every country is trying to organize as secretly and as efficiently as possible these centers of information and power.

We have heard a lot about this coward organization lately in the news.

One can easily imagine the type of people who join such organizations with all their inferiority complexes, their inefficiencies and shortcomings and yet with a thirst for personal power; a thirst to dominate others, to exploit others, to use power over others with a total disregard for human values and yet, with great hypocrisy, will claim that what they are doing is for the good of others and for the benefit of their countries.

People with inferiority complexes, inefficiencies and shortcomings and thirst for personal powers, are not people like Hollywood presents them to the public, no James Bond, no super agent who fights evil in the world. Not at all, they are responsible for hiding secrets and making secrets. They are mentally ill, spiritually dead.

One can imagine therefore the type of decisions that can be taken by such individuals.

Some of their secrets leaks through by people who are courageous enough to expose them.

From time to time a heroic voice from a man within these secret organizations is raised to expose and to denounce such practices, -usually risking his own life, – revealing to us the appalling practices, the insane decisions and the murderous actions that are taken and carried out in these ?basements? of human consciousness; the madness that prevails in such organizations in the depths of our societies and yet nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.

Now let’s give one of this “hero” a name: Snowden. Just by telling the truth he got in a lot of trouble and he knew that this would happen.

They bring to our conscious planetary level, through their confessions, the awareness of what is really happening on these dark and secret levels of the subconsciousness of the planet.

By revealing the crimes to the public awareness is raised.

Then the second group of collective negative activity on these levels are the mafias of the different countries and ethnic groups, dealing with organized crime, illegal drugs, arms trafficking etc

Well, the mafia is for certain another level of darkness and we know how many politicians and religious leaders have their contacts with the mafia. They are all interconnected and they make “business” with each other. The mafia belongs to the second group, secret societies to the first group.

The third group which is the strongest, is the group of the super rich that take important but covert decisions on world economy and they too are geared not by altruistic sentiments but by greed and power.

People like Bill Gates or the Monsanto Group shows a big interest in eugenics, mass vaccination, depopulation and whatever evil plans they may have.

Personal responsibility

Every one of us participates in the formation of this consciousness; every one is responsible more or less, since we have the freedom of choice; we choose to do the right or the wrong.

It begins with us, by stopping to ignore the facts and the (painful) truth, but to begin to acquire knowledge (and continue doing this for our entire life) and telling other people about the truth. Indeed this is the very best technique to stop the dark core of having power over us. Knowledge is power and if we give this knowledge to others for free it will multiply itself.

Our hope as a planet will be that a sufficient number of evolved individuals attain a high degree of consciousness, so high as to reach the critical point that will be needed to cause a total transformation, a radical change, a quantum jump in the general consciousness, and as a consequence form a planetary hyper consciousness that will transcend totally the present situation.

Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance shows that such a critical mass can be achieved with peaceful methods. We have no need to invest billions in propaganda campaigns, we just tell our neighbor and family the truth.

There are individuals who work in silence towards this goal.

In contrast to some crazy politicians who has given up their carrier as comedians and got involved in politics, we have no need for such a big show. Whatever one can do in order to raise collective awareness can be done in a discrete manner.

Until now we knew that there were basically five areas of activity of the human mind, and individuals could specialize in one of them.

These areas were:

1. the scientific

2. the artistic

3. the philosophical

4. the religious

5. the mystical, transcendental

Our hope is that enough individuals are realizing and unifying within themselves all these qualities of the human potentials.

Just to mention a few of this individuals in science Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier, Jacques Benveniste, … or in the past people like Nikola Tesla, great men, aware and humble, who give inspiration to others.

Nikola Tesla

But Vithoulkas mentions a crucial problem about this individuals. Most of them are specialized in a certain topic and unaware of other areas.

We are even heading towards a unification of all these activities within the same individual. The new type of individual, the New Man/Woman will be the one who loves music and theater but at the same time is devoted to the inquiry of her/his science, but also to the inquiry of the broader issues of life (philosophy side), who will not only believe in God (religion side) but also will seek to be in real communion with Him (mystical side).

A new movement is forming now. Do you know for example the Electric Universe Theory (EU)? Cosmology has the biggest impact on all other science areas and finally also on philosophy and religion. The Electric Universe movement works interdisciplinary, involving people from astronomy, plasma physics, engineers, historians, archeologist, biology and so on. Together they share freely their ideas and research results, forming a synergistic energy which raise awareness.

This type of individual forms at the moment an undercurrent trend, not too obvious, but one that is nevertheless emerging fast and strong. The important thing is that this new individual is emerging organically, as a natural reaction to the evils of today, without been organized by anybody or any country but guided only by conscience.

Very very interesting quote. Vithoulkas recognize that the collective mind reacts as a organism and it activates it’s immune system. It is as if we are all part of the immune system and we feel that there is something which can be done.

Such people, if they are scientists they will be able to appreciate art, they will not deny the value of religion, or philosophy and will try to be in direct communion with God. Yet will understand the value of function for every body else who is activated in a different field of human endeavor.

Here we have the vision of a new kind of human person which opens it mind to a vast pool of energy, God, art, religion, truth, logic reasoning, science, facts, and this kind of new human is able to merge all this qualities.

Today’s governments, are not autonomous but influenced by the reports of the secret services who in their turn are driven and guided by the financially powerful. These governments are formed by ambitious but aggressive individuals that are living in the intoxication of ephemeral success.

They are actually in confusion, and in their drive to stay in power they succumb to pressures and loose even their relatively low degree of consciousness, they loose their share in the participation of Truth.

Now let me tell you something what I have learned from my personal study of the Bible. During the last battle of Armageddon the evil people will kill each other because of the confusion and their flesh will rot while they are still alive. I believe that after the collective consciousness becomes fully aware of God the life force, which is a collective field of energy, will stop to flow through this evil people and this means also that WE stop to share our reality with them. With other words they will die, but this is a individual choice if one will become aware of our individual responsibility towards the collective or if one decide to play god for themselves.

Fortunately the real leadership which is emerging, is understanding the need for a unified attitude. Is understanding the need for the scientist or the healer to be a man of God, likewise the man of God to appreciate the role of science philosophy and art.

Whoever this new leadership will be, it is for sure of an humble attitude and willing to acquire knowledge and showing respect for humans and nature, with a great love for God and the Truth.

I am sure you all understand that I am talking about globalization, but an entirely different type from the one promoted by the media and the financial leaders of our times.

We use today the word “One world government“, but this word is tainted very negatively. The Bible talks about the heavenly government ruling over the new earthly society … well this sounds much better.

I am sure that you noticed that I left out of the human activities the commercial and the business one or rather that which is amassing financial power for selfish means. I consider this tendency of the human psyche as an evil one in its very core, a tendency that will be reduced more and more and finally eliminated, as humanity will be advancing to a higher state of consciousness.

Indeed after the False Religion will be destroyed, the financial system will collapse on global scale and never recover again. The new society will have no need for money.

What I am saying is that the planet is preparing for a globalization of justice, of freedom, of equality, of tolerance for the roots and tradition of all people, a globalization of well meaning for each other, of equal opportunities, a globalization of real spiritual awareness and well being.

I wonder how much Vithoulkas knows about Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are a international family and promotes peace and preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God?!?

Apart from these leaders there is already a widely spread awareness amongst millions of people that are fed up with atrocities, immorality, and criminality and are giving all their efforts and energy in this quest for True values and real happiness. The world actually is preparing for a major transition from the present state of consciousness to a quantum jump that will transcend this state of affairs.

Indeed we are already over 8 million people who prepares for the new world.

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The gift of mental power comes from God

The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible.

Nikola Tesla ( Serbian Inventor and Engineer, 1856-1943)

Opposing the paradigm change
A paradigm switch occurs only if enough people accept a scientific fact. But what if the “gift of mental power” comes from God? Would this mean that many people refuse a free gift from our father in heaven? The reason for this question lies in the observed resistance towards new insights, especially in the field of science. Dogmatism is not exclusively present in religion, it’s a pathological state of our society.

What have we learned from electromagnetism? A high current will finally burn a resistor. In order that a electric apparatus survives a change of the current, each resistor inside it should be replaced. Else it will not survive the transition period. Imagine that in your country the government makes an public announcement that in a few years the voltage of electric sockets will be ten times higher. Would it be wise to oppose to the government because you do not find the idea of a higher voltage attractive enough? Finally the change will occur and all elements which are not upgraded will burn.

Rupert Sheldrake wrote that physical laws are like habits, not static. Indeed the speed of light change over time and the way materialist scientists handle it is not by changing their paradigm, but they change the meter scale.

Or a nuclear plant breaks and leaks radioactive material into the ocean. How do governments handle it? They raise the accepted limit of radioactive exposure in order that it seems normal. Same applies to the decline of moral values.

But if the change is triggered from a heavenly government resistance if futile. Instead of resisting it one should consider the advantages into diving in the change, by promoting it and becoming a part of it.

All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.

The mind is a electric field and the entire cosmos bathes in this field.

At the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory (David) Bohm began what was to become his landmark work on plasmas. A plasma is a gas containing a high density of electrons and positive ions, atoms that have a positive charge. To his amazement he found that once they were in a plasma, electrons stopped behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were part of a larger and interconnected whole. Although their individual movements appeared random, vast numbers of electrons were able to produce effects that were surprisingly well-organized. Like some amoeboid creature, the plasma constantly regenerated itself and enclosed all impurities in a wall in the same way that a biological organism might encase a foreign substance in a cyst. So struck was Bohm by these organic qualities that he later remarked he’d frequently had the impression the electron sea was “alive“.

David Bohm and the Implicate Order, by David Pratt

The Electric Universe Theory has one really interesting point which has received a lot of opposition by the mainstream, despite it is able to explain so many mysteries of science, especially in the field of astronomy and biology.

Our mind expands into the entire universe. It is a part of the universe. This insight becomes clear only by accepting the fact that everything is electric. Why should a electric wave or field be isolated from all other fields in the universe? The nonlocality phenomenas in quantum mechanics becomes suddenly so easy to understand until scalar wave theory is understood. Electric fields enters a nonlocal dimension at a certain point during their wave cycle. At this moment the observer cannot tell where the wave is going, because it has no vectors at all. It enters a state of probability and potential. Static fields has this property. They enter and leave this dimension so fast, that it seems to be static, but they are not static at all. Everything moves in the universe, oscillating in and out of 3D space.

Thoughts are sustained by electromagnetic fields. During thought process electric fields are generated and this fields on the other side are able to stimulate the firing of other neurons. The strength of the field is not so important than the “content”. Electric fields vibrates in a certain frequency (yes static fields too) and this frequency triggers again certain areas and regenerate the thought. The thought is repetitive in it’s nature, because it is self-similar. If it is not, than with a high probability it’s just a lie and it loose integrity during the oscillation between the neuron fire and the field.

The field generated by the brain enters the scalar dimension, where it becomes something what many now know as a morphic field. From this moment on the thought can be received by other brains which have similar thoughts. If a thought is similar to another thought of someone else, if it is in resonance, then both thoughts forms a stronger morphic field. By resonance this thoughts can be received. Scientists as well artists know this phenomena as the “bolt out of the blue“, when suddenly a insight into a certain topic occurs. This phenomena seems to be of electromagnetic nature, because the whole body reacts, goose bumps inclusive. Indeed it feels good to get this “bolts out of the blue“, as life force would enter our system and invigorate us. Why should we resist this?

The idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed.

The absolute absence of new idea is known in science as the pathological skepticism. This people never have a “bolt out of the blue” and somehow it relates also to their bad health they usually have. And apathy and depression is another pathological state in which new ideas lacks. So the gift of mental power, as Nikola Tesla said, has something to do with a Divine Being which grants it to whom he pleases. Being in resonance with HIS thoughts means to accept responsibility. And wonder oh wonder, the materialistic world view refuse responsibility per se by claiming that no free will exist.

Seek all truth in the Bible
There are certain precondition for the acquisition of knowledge. Humility is the most important one. The opposite of humility is arrogance, which includes prejudice. How can someone claim that something could come out of nothing? Only by arrogance! A arrogant man refuse the most simple facts. How then could he acquire knowledge or widen his horizon?

Nikola Tesla’s success was based on his family which put a lot of importance in reading the Bible as a fundamental base for understanding everything, including the science of nature. And Tesla read the Bible and his interest in science was boosted by what he learned from it. He was not apathetic, he was not pathological skeptic about new ideas like Edison was. Oh Edison! If this man named Edison would not have opposed to the ideas of Tesla our world would have changed even more than we can dream of.

By accepting the content of the Bible as the truth the scientific world view changes also dramatically. The materialistic concept is then absolutely abandoned and consciousness is regarded as the “precondition of being“, as the prima materia, the fabric of space and time.

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Morphic resonance fields infuriate materialists

The idea of morphic resonance infuriates materialists — and nearly all modern-day scientists are materialists — because the presence of a non-physical field of information naturally leads to the most dangerous idea of all to materialist science: the idea of consciousness.

This idea that your body as a whole, as well as each cell in your body, can tap into a field of information which encodes the “memory” of what a human form is supposed to be threatens the very pillars of materialistic science, upon which nearly the entire pharmaceutical industry is based, by the way. This is why materialist scientists are desperately attempting to defend the human genome as the single source of all the information needed to develop a human body, even though the human genome clearly doesn’t have the storage capacity to represent an entire body (not to mention inherited physiological functions and behavioral inheritance).

The best place to read and learn about morphic resonance is at Rupert Sheldrake’s website:…

I also recommend his amazingly insightful book, A New Science of Life.

Keep in mind that if you read about Rupert Sheldrake from any materialistic science website — including Scientific American which is 100% pro-Monsanto, pro-GMO and anti GMO labeling, by the way — you are going to read vicious attacks against Sheldrake from desperate materialists who brand morphic resonance as “magical thinking.”

This is especially comic, given that these same materialists believe the entire universe in which we live spontaneously appeared from nowhere without cause or reason through a process they call the “Big Bang.” Somehow, the big bang isn’t magical thinking to the materialists, but the idea of a non-physical field of inheritance is magical thinking. It’s almost like these people have never heard of gravity: yet another invisible field that affects all living things.

Learn more: The big lie of genetics exposed: human DNA incapable of storing complete blueprint of the human form

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DNA stores most of the information needed to build your entire body

The Morphic Field War

Definition of War
War is an organized, armed, and, often, a prolonged conflict that is carried on between states, nations, or other parties typified by extreme aggression, social disruption, and usually high mortality. In 2003, Nobel Laureate Richard E. Smalley identified war as the sixth of ten biggest problem facing the society of mankind for the next fifty years. In the 1832 treatise On War, Prussian military general and theoretician Carl von Clausewitz defined war as follows:

War is thus an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.


Covert Operation
According to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation (also as CoveOps or covert ops) is “an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor.” It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas. Covert operations aim to fulfill their mission objectives without any parties knowing who sponsored or carried out the operation.

Navy Seals

A clandestine operation is an intelligence or military operation carried out in such a way that the operation goes unnoticed by the general population. The difference between covert and clandestine operation is that clandestine means “hidden,” while covert means “deniable“. Secrecy and stealthiness are often desired in clandestine and covert operations.

Spiritual Warfare
War is not only fought with arms made of steel. It begins in the spiritual realm and it ends on the physical realm. Nearly 2000 years ago a man who was aware of his spiritual needs wrote the following words:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12)

Spiritual warfare is about war on a spiritual level or on the level of the collective consciousness. It can reach the physical level as an consequence of the war fought on the spiritual level, but most time the battles are unseen by the majority. So spiritual warfare has a certain similarity to covert operation, where the enemy attacks, but remains hidden and invisible.


Different Levels of Planetary Consciousness
1999 George Vithoulkas wrote a very interesting article with the title “Can Medicine or Religion save the planet from a major catastrophe?“. He explained the different levels of “planetary consciousness” (another term for the collective consciousness). Let’s see what the first 4 layers of the “dark subconscious” are:

1) There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at this moment working in secret services and societies like the CIA, the Mossad, the KGB… etc etc. Every country is trying to organize as secretly and as efficiently as possible these centers of information and power.

These type of people who join such organizations have great inferiority complexes, thirst for personal power, thirst to dominate others, to exploit others, to use power over others with a total disregard for human values and yet, with great hypocrisy, they claim that what they are doing is for the good of others and for the benefit of their countries.

2) Then the second group of collective negative activity on these levels are the mafias of the different countries and ethnic groups, dealing with organized crime, illegal drugs, arms trafficking etc etc. All these activities are taking place in the dark subconscious levels of our societies. Everybody knows the type of people that will join such societies; there is no need for characterizations; everybody knows the effect that such organizations exercise in our every day life, in our conscious levels, you only have to see the news, and the TV films to get an idea of their influence.

3) The third group which is the strongest, is the group of the super rich that take important but covert decisions on world economy and they too are geared not by altruistic sentiments but by greed and power.

4) All other activities that we call the underground world.


The collective consciousness of humanity can be regarded as an individual being with a dark subconscious and a emerging hyper-consciousness, both levels are opposed to each other. It is like a man with a divided heart, struggling to resist temptation, between good and evil.

Vithoulkas wrote that our hope as a planet will be that a sufficient number of evolved individuals attain a high degree of consciousness, so high as to reach the critical point that will be needed to cause a total transformation, a radical change, a quantum jump in the general consciousness, and as a consequence form a planetary hyper consciousness that will transcend totally the present situation.

His next sentence is the most interesting one regarding the spiritual warfare:

There are individuals who work in silence towards this goal.

Such individuals are people who are specialized in areas of science, art, religion and transcendental. This type of individual forms at the moment an undercurrent trend, not too obvious, but one that is nevertheless emerging fast and strong.

Vithoulkas continue with the following words: Apart from these leaders there is already a widely spread awareness amongst millions of people that are fed up with atrocities, immorality, and criminality and are giving all their efforts and energy in this quest for True values and real happiness. The world actually is preparing for a major transition from the present state of consciousness to a quantum jump that will transcend this state of affairs.

Fighting against an Awakening
The deep dark core of the collective subconscious fights against the awakening of the collective consciousness. It builds up resistance against this awakening process, because it’s own life depends on the spiritual sleep of the majority. Imagine a criminal person who acts in the dark and suddenly someone switch on the light. The light is terrifying for such people who desire to remain unseen in order to do whatever they desire to do. But the awakening of the collective consciousness would expose all their criminal activity.

Morphic Fields of the Dark Core
Every thought forms a invisible field known as morphic field. Rupert Sheldrake’s theory is that by repeating a thought the field becomes stronger and finally stabilize becoming independent of the individual who original got it in his mind. If many people has the same thought a critical mass can be reached and the thought jumps over to all other people on the planet.

For example a totally new crossword puzzle printed on a newspaper is more difficult to solve than a old one. Why? Because if we try to solve a old crossword puzzle, which was solved already by thousands or even millions of people in the past, a morphic field for the solution exist and it will boost our ability to solve the puzzle. A lot of experiments have proofed the this theory.

Morphic fields can help a human being to learn new things, but they can also hinder the learning process. Some morphic fields was intentionally created in order to keep awareness on a low level. Such fields hinders the spiritual progress of the individual person as also of the collective consciousness. Most of this fields has their origin in a ancient culture and are very strong, because their essence was embedded in different other morphic fields, all interconnected with each other. Many people today reinforce this fields unintentionally and without knowing their real origin. So they not only has survived thousands of years, they also got stronger and more stable.

Ancient False Religion

This dark morphic fields are opposed to the Truth. They obscure and obfuscate the path to greater spiritual treasures. Even if a person is trying his best to do good things, this invisible fields will hinder his well-intentioned thoughts and acts. Criminal acts are more likely to occur if morphic fields of past similar crimes exist. Bad behavior are more likely to occur if morphic fields of similar behavior already exist, … and so on.


Is a fight against the mafia successful if single individuals are arrested? If in Italy exist a strong morphic field which facilitate the emergence of organized crime, the problem cannot be solved on a physical level. Even worse is the fact that morphic fields are nonlocal and under circumstances these organized crimes emerge somewhere else, with an easy access to the collective experience of the past organizations via morphic resonance.

The Morphic Field War
Now this is the definition of a “morphic field war“: It is fought on a spiritual level or on the level of the collective consciousness, building up morphic fields, stabilizing them, infiltrating morphic fields in preexisting organizations, dissolving the morphic fields of the enemy or weakening them.

Ancient morphic fields can be destroyed if the majority give their consent. From this point of view the art of war is different than traditional war with physical weapons. A minority can become a majority if it reaches a critical mass. Such things can happen suddenly and apparently without warning.

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Morphic Resonance of the Past and prediction of the Future

History repeats itself
Historic recurrence is the repetition of similar events in history. The concept of historic recurrence has variously been applied to the overall history of the world (e.g., to the rises and falls of empires), to repetitive patterns in the history of a given polity, and to any two specific events which bear a striking similarity.

Hypothetically, in the extreme, the concept of historic recurrence assumes the form of the Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence, which has been written about in various forms since antiquity and was described in the 19th century by Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nevertheless, while it is often remarked that “History repeats itself,” in cycles of less than cosmological duration this cannot be strictly true. That was appreciated by Mark Twain, who has been quoted as saying that “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Mark Twain: “a favorite theory of mine—to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often.

In this interpretation of recurrence, as opposed perhaps to the Nietzschean interpretation, there is no metaphysics (note: Nietzsche was a materialist, therefore he denies metaphysical aspects of reality). Recurrences take place due to ascertainable circumstances and chains of causality. An example of the mechanism is the ubiquitous phenomenon of multiple independent discovery in science and technology, which has been described by Robert K. Merton and Harriet Zuckerman.

G.W. Trompf, in his book The Idea of Historical Recurrence in Western Thought, traces historically recurring patterns of political thought and behavior in the west since antiquity. If history has lessons to impart, they are to be found par excellence in such recurring patterns.

Historic recurrences can sometimes induce a sense of “convergence,” “resonance” or “déjà vu“. Three such examples appear under “Striking similarity.

Morphic Fields and Resonance
Despite the claims of the materialists who reduce consciousness to an epiphenomena of the brain’s chemical activity, the true scientist believes in a metaphysical world based on pure consciousness. Nothing derives from nothing, there is always at least one observer of a quantum state. So how does “Alternative Science” (idealistic science) explain the repetition of the past events?

A morphic field forms for example by thinking about a word. This field becomes more and more stronger if the thought is repeated. Then it becomes even very stable if many generations of humans things about the same word and include it into their daily life, for example by repeating rituals or traditions. So the morphic field of the word once originally thought by one person survives many generations because of it’s acquired morphic strength.

There is another important aspect of the theory of morphic fields: the morphic resonance. Antennas are able to tune into an invisible electromagnetic field and receive signals or they can send information by creating themselves electromagnetic fields (they behave like waves because of the time factor). In order to tune into a specific field of a specific frequency a antenna should at least have some similarity with the frequency. Engineers builds antennas with fractal self-similarity. Our DNA is such a fractal antenna, able to send and receive data from the vast pool of the collective memory. Yes, maybe our mind is not even in our brain, but it’s part of a invisible global field which extends through the entire universe.

Think about this scenario: a transmitter of a television broadcast sends your favorite cartoons and you miss one episode. Desperately you decide to call the broadcasting cooperation asking for a copy of the missed episode, but they tell you that all copies of this one episode are destroyed by a fire and there are no copy left on the entire planet. So there is only one possibility to get a copy, by flying with a rocket faster than the signal out into deep space and catch it with a very strong antenna. Information like this is never lost. It becomes only weaker. But by repeating a signal actively it remains strong.

Our brain does not store data on a physical level, but it shares data with the collective memory like a transmitter does. In order to remember it must tune into the frequency of his past memories.

If a person has similar thought patterns as someone else, then he will get into resonance with this person’s own morphic field. Then this person will share similar experiences with the other person, even if they are not on the same place. Morphic fields are nonlocal and they do not dissolve over time without an active force destroying them. Yes it’s right, morphic fields can be destroyed or at least dissolved or weakened. This has profound implications, because there are people who fights a war not on a physical level.

Morphic Resonance of the Past
A group or a nations or even the whole world can tune into a past event by morphic resonance. Then events of the past repeats and if they repeat and billions of people experience this similar pattern again, the morphic field becomes even stronger than before. How can a world get into resonance with past events?

Every single individual person has made experiences and has a inner world full of thoughts and emotions. If a critical mass of persons are achieved who has the same patterns inside a global event can be triggered by resonance of past morphic fields. So the past has a stronger influence on our presence than we may have believed.

Indeed morphic fields of the past behaves like digital data. They can be encoded and decoded. Sometimes a specific morphic field is very strong, but it is still in a encoded state (sleeping or dormant state). And a important part of our past does not repeat until the key for the decoding is delivered. This happens on a immaterial level and only people with a spiritual attitude are able to understand this. For the materialists such knowledge is foolishness and they are blind regarding the signs of the events which will soon take place removing this old system. Most people recognize that an “Awakening” will soon happen, something which will shake the fundament of this world. And in order that such “Awakening” happens a trigger is required. Such a trigger or key is able to decode a huge dormant morphic field which will affect the consciousness of all human beings.

The End of the World triggered by Morphic Resonance
What does the word “world” mean? The earth? Our solar system? No, it means simply the system in which we live. Most people are slaves of materialism, brainwashed by propaganda and publicity, confused by the False Religion, ignorant because of the missing knowledge in the true history. With other words they walk in darkness. Instead to be able to live in peace and security, they sell themselves in slavery to authorities which lies and deceives. It is the consensus of billions of people which keeps the morphic fields of the past alive. They give their consent by watching violent movies, pornography (indeed one third of all internet traffic is of pornographic content), horror movies and listening to the stupid talk shows. Humans give their consent to a system in which values are defined by other humans, but this values are not based on eternal principles. So this is the reason why this system could survive for so long time. Because of the application of propaganda campaigns the world is still breathing. But by removing the “core” of the morphic field of this world a sudden change will occur and this “kingdom of materialism” will never again get a chance to be reestablished.

The Story of Nimrod
If you know the Bible well, for sure you will know the story of Nimrod. He was the first human king. Before him the humans knew only patriarchal societies. For example Noah was a patriarch. Noah’s sons Shem and Japhet was patriarchs too. But Canaan proved a rebellious attitude towards the lineage of the father. He was not willing to obey the “father“. Because Canaan was of a rebellious character he got in resonance with the occult morphic fields of the coward beings known as demons. Before the great flood this demons materialized and produced a hybrid offspring with the womans. They tried to establish a rebellious kingdom on earth ruled by Satan, and their bastard sons, the Nephilims, should rule also as prince. What a dark ancient age this was.

God intervened and destroyed that ancient world covering it with water until the highest mountain was under water. After the flood there was a chance that true worship could be established, a new beginning with a small family devoted to God. But the demons was still alive. Sure their hybrid sons the Nephilims died during the flood, but this demons cried for revenge. Their spirit was longing for someone who was willingly to resonate with their evil and fleshy nature. They found their perfect man in Canaan. He proved to be “their man“.

If you desire to learn more about collective consciousness and morphic fields or resonance, then the Bible is the best book you can study. Because it contains the most crucial part of human history and it helps one to understand the invisible factors of human society. Forget Nietzsche, forget all the materialistic arrogant dudes who got a very restricted worldview. Learn from the best, not from anyone.

Indeed the Bible explains that Noah cursed Canaan and blessed Shem’s God. Why does the Bible say “Blessed be Jehovah, Shem’s God, And let Ca′naan become a slave to him“? (Genesis 9:26)
Was Jehovah not the God of Canaan too? It seems that Canaan was the founder of the very first False Religion, based on idolatry and child sacrifice. If this is true, then the core of this system, the core of it’s morphic field which is still alive despite it’s evil acts is nobody else then the lineage of Canaan and it’s system of False Religion. Did you know that the word “cannibalism” derived from the words Canaan + Baal? The ancient word “cani” means “priest“. So the priests of Baal, or the priests of Canaan was involved in the brutal rituals of sacrificing childrens and eating their flesh. Remember this part, because later you will get a real “Aha effect” understanding the relations between the ancient religion of Babylon and the so called modern church.

Canaan’s brother was Cush. Their relation was similar to Aaron and Moses, because Canaan was a priest and Cush was a commander. Cush is known as the god of confusion “Chaos“. At his time they founded Babel and start to build a tower. Interestingly they got only one language, but later it was split by God into many languages. This strategy is formerly known as “divide and rule“, but the purpose of the “confusion of the one language” was to assure that the lineage towards the Christ would not be interrupted by the sacrifices of the first born children to the Baal demon.

We don’t know how Nimrod and his father Cush died, because the Scripture is entirely silent about this. But the beginning of human kingdoms and False Religion survived in legends and myths. These hidden history found their way into legends and myths and they was scattered all above the earth after the confusion of the language. So the missing part of how Nimrod and Cush died can be extracted by reading these legends under the light of what Genesis tells us. We can find evidence about Nimrod’s role as the first human king from ancient legends of Babylon, Rom, Greece, Scandinavia, Iceland, even Japan and China. He is the Core of these invisible morphic fields which persist till to the presence. All False Religion hail Nimrod as king and not Jesus Christ. But why?

The Bible says that Nimrod was who “made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth.” (1 Chronicles 1:10) How was he able to get the power. Well he too rebelled against his own father Cush, killed him and took his own mother as wife (Ishtar or known also as Semiramis). See here we have the similarity to the legend of Oedipus, a tragic hero in Greek mythology, Oedipus fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thereby brought disaster on his city and family. Oedipus was Nimrod, and we will meet him frequently in different characters in all the legends and myths.

The rabbinic writings derived the name Nimrod from the Hebrew verb ma·radh′, meaning “rebel.” Thus, the Babylonian Talmud (Erubin 53a) states: “Why, then, was he called Nimrod? Because he stirred up the whole world to rebel (himrid) against His [God’s] sovereignty.”—Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation, by Menahem M. Kasher. Nimrod was the prototype of human rebellion against God after the flood. The rebellion was not just disobedience against the patriarch society, but it was a rebellion against the presence of God and his influence on the conscience of people. You need to understand that in ancient times the connection of the individual person towards the collective consciousness was much stronger. Humankind got one language and the stronger influence of the collective field on the single person was so deep that their lifespan was much longer than after the confusion. See, the Bible account on the confusion of language and the great lifespan of the humans is not just a fable or a exaggeration. It’s a evidence that there was one time in which the collective consciousness field affected all people on greater scale.

The collective consciousness field reduced the liberty of single individuals from doing wrong things, crimes and fleshly sins. Their conscience was affected by all other people, especially from the devoted people like Shem and Japhet. They must have felt like they was bound by cords (or bands), not able to do whatever they like to do, like today’s homosexuals who grave for acceptance. And indeed there are legends which claims that heaven was so close to earth that men could not walk, but were compelled to crawl. In the Polynesian story the heavens and earth are said to have been “bound together with cords“. Similar to this the Bible says about the “kings of earth take their stand and high officials themselves have massed together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one, saying “Let us tear their bands apart and cast their cords away from us!“. (Psalm 2:2,3)

To maintain the union between heaven and earth, and to keep it as close as possible, must have been the grand aim of all who loved God and the best interests of the human race. But this implied the restraining and discountenancing of all vice and all those “pleasure of sin“, after which the natural mind unrenewed and unsanctified, continually pants. This must have been secretly felt by every unholy mind as a state of insufferable bondage.(James 4)

So long as the influence of the great father of the new world was in the ascendant, while his maxims were regarded, and a holy atmosphere surrounded the world, no wonder that those who were alienated from God and godliness, felt heaven and its influence and authority to be intolerably near, and that in such a circumstances they “could not walk“, but only “crawl“, … that is, that they had no freedom to “walk after sight of their own eyes and the imaginations of their own hearts“. From this bondage Nimrod emancipated them.

By the apostasy he introduced, by the free life he developed among those who rallied around him, and by separating them from the holy influences that had previously less or more controlled them, he helped them to put God and the strict spirituality of His law at a distance, and thus he became the “Elevator of the heavens”, making men feel and act as if heaven were afar off from earth, and as if either the God of heaven “could not see through the dark cloud”, or did not regard with displeasure the breakers of His laws. Then all such would feel that they could breathe freely, and that now they could walk at liberty. For this, such men could not but regard Nimrod as a high benefactor. THIS is the very reason why there is an amazing extend of the worship of this man, which really indicates something very extraordinary in his character, and there is ample reason to believe, that in his own day he was an object of high popularity. This morphic field of rebellions persist today and is maintained by all unholy mens, inclusive the Vatican which papal worship proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife. Or do you really believe that such men who tolerate immorality like homosexuality and pedophilia or promotes idolatry are truly mens of God? Their are guilty of having confused and distracted humankind from the Truth, causing endless pain and suffering. By removing the core of this morphic field, by introducing a certain thought into the hearts of the kings, the attack will be triggered and nobody will be able to stop it. How will this happen?

The Violent Death of Nimrod
The apostle Paul wrote about a “man of lawlessness” and a “mystery“, which would be a apostasy and a opposition to God and his son Jesus Christ. He wrote that “the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work“. Why has he not mentioned the apostasy of Nimrod? He knew about Nimrod very well, because the Genesis account and the Chronicles wrote about this man’s rebellious character. Fact is that Nimrod was seen as benefactor and hero during his lifetime. But after his death he was hidden and covered in mystery. Why should a hero be occulted instead to be praised publicly?

The answer is very simple: Because someone else exposed him as what he really was, not a hero, but a coward and deceiver and murder. Probably it was Shem, the son of Noah who received the blessings, who persuaded the tribes to hunt and kill Nimrod. Some legends says that Nimrods death was executed by 72 judges, according to the Egyptian law and that they was required to determine the punishment. Because Nimrod was an offender of God his body was cut into pieces and the dismembered parts was send among the different cities. Nimrod got no funeral, no dignity at all. The cutting of the dead bodies and sending them to the different tribes or cities was a patriarchal custom, see Judges 19 and 1 Samuel 11. This was a warning to everyone else, if they would try to follow Nimrod’s footsteps they would have the same brutal death.

The Beginning of the Mysteries
Now when Shem had so powerfully wrought upon the minds of men as to induce them to make a terrible example of the great Apostate, and when that Apostate’s dismembered limbs were sent to the chief cities, where no doubt his system had been established, it will be readily perceived that, in these circumstances, if idolatry was to continue, if above all, it was to take a step in advance, it was indispensable that it should operate in secret. The terror of an execution, inflicted on one so mighty as Nimrod, made it needful that, for some time to come at least, the extreme of caution should be used.

It was in this circumstances that the system of “Mystery“, which having Babylon for its center, has spread over the world. The modern center of Babylon is now the Vatican and their secret worship of Nimrod and his wife Semiramis. They show people one side of the coin, a facade of Christianity, but the other side is a occult tradition. Do you believe that this affects the minds of all people? In some way it obfuscate the collective consciousness from recognizing the Truth and God’s sovereignty. There will be never true peace and security as long this center of False Religion is still operating.

A future Event, the Death of the Morphic Field of Mystery
History repeats all the time. But some parts of history, like the death of Nimrod will repeat only once and after that the effect of this global event will erase the specific morphic field and it’s influence on humankind. A secret or a mystery remains only a secret after it is revealed or exposed. After it’s exposition it loose it’s power and it’s own specific morphic field dissolves.

Indeed the Bible tells us that the center of all this mysteries will be soon destroyed, it’s flesh eaten and burned. Such a brutal and violent death is an act of justice and a warning for future generations. After this event reestablishing again a system of idolatry will be impossible, because the entire collective consciousness will resist and sabotage such a coward action. Millions of people already knew what great events will soon take place. We are waiting for this events with great expectations and curiosity.

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