The Story of the Joe Cell

The intriguing history of the ‘Joe Cell’, a device invented by Aussie backyard boffin Joe, that claims to allow a car to run on water. On a quest for so called ‘free energy’ Joe and his followers are unwittingly swept into a world of conspiracy & scientific heresy.

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The Scientific Research of the Joe Cell in the year 2013

We need smart people in order to solve the major problems in our world. The energy crisis is one of the main problems, the other is the pollution which is a direct or indirect thread to the water resources too. So there is also a interdependency between all the problems we have.

The root cause of all problems is still the growing egoism of many people, especially of the “leaders of this world“. Their egoistic way to think and to act hinders good solutions to become reality. Indeed with massive propaganda people are hold in a invisible cage of illusions. If they all would recognize who is the real thread, this world would collapse.

And there is another problem: this actual world. We live in a framework of materialism and many people have made their choice to be dependent from this materialism. With their lifestyle the real solution is not even a choice to be evaluated. If you would try to mention some interesting topics like the Joe Cell you will hit hard a wall of massive and heavy dogmatic stones. It is like a invisible spirit rules the conversation. And the apathy … we don’t need to mention that.

So I really have no desire at all to rescue the world. And this distinguish me and million of other people from the rest of the world. We don’t need solutions for this world, because we desire the New World, the Kingdom of God.

We could do our best to create clusters of energy cells based on the free energy technology of the so called “Joe Cell“, but are we willed to rescue this dying system? We have made a choice. We are not willed to help this world and their leaders to remain in a ancient illusion. We are those who has made a step outside the world. We base our hope on hard facts.

But in the New World we will be able to use all our brain power to clean the Earth from pollution and the residue of the old system. And then, and only then, we will use technology like the Joe Cell as a clean power source. People will help each other, there will be no money at all (only in a historical museum) and no war will ever be fought again. Altruism will be the main motivation. Something that materialistic people could not even imagine.

In the meantime we will use our resources, and yes our brain power too, to engage in ministry and in helping our families to stay united. This means we set the priorities on things which are now more important than solving the energy crisis … now this is something to be considered by you dear reader, because if we put something on a higher priority as the major problems of this world, then what do we regard as so high in priority?

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The Joe Cell is a Negentropy Generator

A engine running on implosion instead on explosion, without fuel, just a negentropic generator which costs not more than 200 dollar … how is this possible?

Well the Joe Cell with it’s concentric steel tubes performs a similar action to negentropy like a magnifying glass does with the sun light. After a while the cell and it’s surrounding is saturated with a negentropic field. Inside the combustion chamber a single spark triggers the implosion of simple air, creating a plasma vortex field. The air’s electrical resistance is then very low. In contrast to normal air, the air in the combustion chamber is highly ordered. A spark is able to trigger a “compressing” process, which let’s the air take less space, the pistons are sucked in instead to pushed out.

You can understand this process only if you are aware that consciousness is the base of physical reality. Did you ever wondered where the x,y,z coordinates are stored for a atom? Where does the atom know where it is and in which relation it is with the other atoms? Changing the own paradigm from a limited materialistic one to a idealistic worldview such questions arise and then the implosion technique of the Joe Cell makes sense.

A spiral galaxy performs a vortex implosion. This is evidence for a powerful order.

It’s all about information processing and it’s meaning. A implosion makes more sense to the consciousness, it takes less spake, the system cool down, the atoms are ordered … and it takes less memory space. Everything in this physical universe needs memory space. A ordered state needs less memory than a chaotic one. Order makes more sense and it can better communicated.

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A Joe Cell’s Unit Charge

How to Make and Run a Joe Cell

What follows is a presentation of material taken from a video-interview conducted with Peter Stevens on 23 April 2006, and reordered into categories that are important to the cell builder. It is not a full explanation of how to make and run a Joe Cell. It relies on the reader having a background in cell work. The quickest way to get that background is to read “The Experimenter Guide to the Joe Cell” (hereafter “the Guide”). This document emphasizes, adds to, and in some cases modifies, what you read in the Guide. Readers will also need a copy of the cell drawings, as found on the Yahoo group Joecell2, alongside them when reading the section entitled “Cell Design”.

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The Joe Cell is a kind of Cyclotron

A cyclotron is a compact type of particle accelerator in which charged particles in a static magnetic field are travelling outwards from the center along a spiral path and get accelerated by radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

cyclotron diagram

In a similar way the Joe Cell has it’s own dynamic generated electromagnetic fields which attracts orgone energy (maybe a kind of scalar energy) into the center of the cell and saturates the water until the excess of energy can be lead towards the engine block.

joe cell

This is the main reason why the stainless steel should not have any magnetism on it’s own. Avoiding unnecessary treatments of the steel is therefore preferable.

Joe Cell – Amazing Water Properties

The water that has been charged in a cell has numerous astonishing properties.

For example, BJ describes pouring some of the water into a polluted creek, and the water around it cleared for nearly six feet in diameter around where the water was poured.

He says that Joe has given it to people who have drunk the water and had various ailments clear up, such as cancer. Apparently the charged water reprograms the water within the human body (like the polluted creek), causing the body to release toxins in similar manner.

Joe Cell

It is the water that enables an engine to run, not the cell. “The cell creates the environment that organizes the water into a charge separation and re-polarization of its crystal structure. The water then channels protons from the host cell through the delivery tube to the engine, extending its energetic nature to reprogram the metal and water (in the cooling system) into its charged atomic, energetic state.

One time, BJ added charged water directly to a car’s coolant system. Two things happened. The coolant dropped out of solution, and the engine ran on the proton energy, though no cell was attached to the car. If the car runs cool enough on proton energy (and engines thus running generally do run relatively cool), this method could be much easier than installing the cell in the engine compartment. Just how long it would last has yet to be documented.

This being the case, on would think that any engine that has a charged cell applied to it will see the anti-freeze drop out of suspension, similar to what was observed when water was added directly to the coolant. BJ thinks this will be true. “Charged water will not hold dissolved solids in suspension as will dead water, which holds everything in suspension.” Joe has observed the same thing.

BJ said, “I sat charged water next to a bucket of dirty water, which began to slowly rotate counter-clockwise. Then all suspended dirt fell to the bottom as I watched.

Source: Proton Cell

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Joe Cell Transmutation

Cleanliness & Transmutation

BJ and Joe have observed that a small sample of certain substance placed in the cell will be duplicated over a period of hours when electricity is applied to the cell. BJ has seen this with a couple of dozen compounds including sulfuric acid, alcohol, CFCs, and Mango fruit. Given enough time (e.g. around 24 hours), and the proper current and voltage, a substantial portion of the water appears to transforms into the introduced element, carrying all its properties. “Some kind of hydrogen replication effect on an atomic level,” BJ conjectures.

One time, BJ observed one of his engines run on a small volume of gasoline that was being created on the spot. This was witnessed by a mechanical engineer, who, for the hour that the engine ran, checked numerous times for possible sources of fuel. The engine would have run for maybe two to five minutes on the amount of fuel that was present. The CO/CO2 and other emissions were definitely the product of petrol combustion.

Joe Cell

The engine will not run on proton energy until every last drip of petrol has been consumed, or else it will continue to run as though petrol were being supplied to the engine even with fuel lines disconnected.” Some petrol can be trapped in the corner of the fuel filter and remain for extended periods until it finally evaporates.

Considering this apparent transmutation phenomenon, it is important when assembling the cell that you try to be as clean as possible. BJ cleans his stainless steel with methylated spirits, and wears cotton gloves while assembling the cell.

He thinks that not doing this is most likely why many Joe Cell researchers find scum build-up in their cells. It is a replication of any crud that was introduced during assembly, or that was contained in the water. One must especially stay away from grease and oil, including the natural oil/grease from fingers.

Obviously, this effect alone, if real, opens an entire field of study with far-reaching ramifications. While one might not be able to replicate anything larger than a molecule, it could come in very handy for inexpensively producing perfumes, drinks, fuels, and other liquid commodities.

The electrolytic capacity of the water will change as the water is transmuted, becoming more conductive, requiring a modification of the input voltage and current to maintain an optimal level and avoid heating.

Source: Proton Cell

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How to teleport DNA through Space and Time

It sounds like science-fiction and for sure it is the stuff for a good movie, but believe me this science news comes from a man who has a Noble Price in Medicine, Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier (can you hear the girls screaming?) and his science colleagues, Jamal Aissa (inventor, author and former member of Benveniste’s team), Emilio Del Giudice (theoretical physicist), Claude Lavallee, A. Tedeschi and Giuseppe Vitiello (theoretical physicist).

What Wikipedia says about Teleportation

Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously. Teleportation is used widely in works of science fiction and fantasy.

Quantum teleportation
Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, is a technique used to transfer quantum information from one quantum system to another. It does not transport the system itself, nor does it allow communication of information at superluminal (faster than light) speed. Neither does it concern rearranging the particles of a macroscopic object to copy the form of another object. Its distinguishing feature is that it can transmit the information present in a quantum superposition, useful for quantum communication and computation.

There is no transfer of matter or energy involved. Alice’s particle has not been physically moved to Bob; only its state has been transferred. The term “teleportation“, coined by Bennett, Brassard, Crépeau, Jozsa, Peres and Wootters, reflects the indistinguishability of quantum mechanical particles.

How Montagnier & Co teleported DNA

Montagnier and his team “teleported” not literally the DNA sample. They transfered only the electromagnetic signature into a water solution with DNA polymerase where the polymerase was realigned to a copy of the DNA sample. It is like taking a jar full of water and alphabetic character and realign them with a organizing power to a meaningful text.

Does DNA polymerase taste so good as Alphabet pasta?

DNA polymerase
A DNA polymerase is an enzyme that catalyzes the polymerization of deoxyribonucleotides into a DNA strand. DNA polymerases are best-known for their feedback role in DNA replication, in which the polymerase “reads” an intact DNA strand as a template (or the “electromagnetic signature” transfered by the Benveniste Method) and uses it to synthesize the new strand. This process copies a piece of DNA. The newly-polymerized molecule is complementary to the template strand and identical to the template’s original partner strand.

DNA polymerase

The Electric Organizing Power

In order to recreate a copy of the DNA in a polymerase solution far away from the original DNA sample we need the “organizing power” of this DNA sample, which will move the single “alphabetic characters” to their specific positions, or enabling it’s reassembling by altering the probability that it occurs (if you like quantum mechanic stuff).

How do homeopaths extract the “organizing power” of the original substance?

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking on an elastic body, which homeopaths term succussion. Each dilution followed by succussion is assumed to this increases the effectiveness. Homeopaths call this process potentization. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains.

Succussion activates the Vital Energy of the diluted substance
In producing remedies for diseases, homeopaths use a process called dynamisation or potentisation whereby a substance is diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then vigorously shaken by ten hard strikes against an elastic body in a process called succussion. Hahnemann advocated using substances which produce symptoms like those of the disease being treated, but found that material doses intensified the symptoms and exacerbated the condition, sometimes causing dangerous toxic reactions. He therefore specified that the substances be diluted. Hahnemann believed that the succussion activated the vital energy of the diluted substance and made it stronger.

In order to “free” the “vital energy” of the substance it requires succussion process. Diluting the solution is not enough to produce a signal generating solvent. The gross, larger material has to be filtered out first. Then the water molecule is magnetically attracted to the “contamination” (guest particles) and will configure around them according to the guest charge. This is how water structurally and dynamically imitates other substances. If the particle is too big for water molecules to uniformly assemble around it, the chunk then acts as a chaotrope, a disorder inducing particle.

What Montagnier did by filtration, homeopaths do by triturating with mortar and pestle, grinding the starter material down to the finest powder possible. It would appear that Montagnier has discovered that filtration creates the same effect.

By filtration Montagnier is creating kosmotropes, a kosmotropic solvent. The order created by these kosmotropes extends ubiquitously throughout the solution via the hydrogen bond network.

John Benneth

The original substance needs to go through a specific process that enables the water to copy it’s structure. Else the water will remain in a “chaotic state” without useful information. Alcohol plays the role of a kosmotropic solution, stabilizing the water structure.

Solutes are defined as kosmotropic if they contribute to the stability and structure of water-water interactions. Kosmotropes cause water molecules to favorably interact, which also stabilizes intermolecular interactions in macromolecules such as proteins.

Wikipedia on Kosmotropes

If our memory depends on the memory of water than drinking alcohol is the worst think we can do if we desire to forget, because alcohol stabilize the memory of water.

Chaotropic agents disrupt the intermolecular forces between water molecules

High generic salts can have chaotropic properties, by shielding charges and preventing the stabilization of salt bridges. Hydrogen bonding is stronger in nonpolar media, so salts, which increase the chemical polarity of the solvent, can also destabilize hydrogen bonding.

Mechanistically this is due to there being insufficient water molecules to effectively solvate the ions. This can result in ion-dipole interactions between the salts and hydrogen bonding species which are more favorable than normal hydrogen bonds.

Wikipedia on Chaotropic agent

In ancient Israel salt was used for purification. A interesting fact is that the homeopathic remedy Natrium muriaticum is made of ordinary salt (Sodium chloride) and it is used for people that suffers because they cannot forget their past (emotional) injuries. Another very interesting fact is that in the Bible salt is a symbol for righteousness. Why is it interesting? Because the crystal structure of sodium chloride is a cube and the “Holy of Holies” was a perfect cube, its length, width and height were all equal to 15 feet. In order to forgive the sin of humanity it requires righteousness and to “forget” our sins (etymology: forgive = to give up).

The Resurrection of the DNA
The discovery of Benveniste and Montagnier will change the world of science. Naturally for a short time most scientist will deny the special property of water because they depend on a materialistic science and capitalism and they fear to loose prestige and money. But the time is over. We are facing a very critical time in which the whole system of this world is driving fast toward it’s end. What will come next? I hope and I believe as millions of people today in a new world that will be ruled by a righteous heavenly government. The organizing power will then derive from a invisible realm high above of any human. What we are actually experiencing in modern science is the discovering of things that supports the idealistic worldview, that life is not a product of pure chance, that there is a God, a eternal spiritual being (with a personality and a name) which created all things and that he is outside of time (King of eternity). Day by day the amount of evidence that we need God’s Kingdom as solution for all problems becomes overwhelming.

DNA Phantom Effect
A life full of sacrifice and stress is not worth living if there is no possibility to continue to live for eternity on a earth that will be transformed gradually in a paradise under the rule of a heavenly government. Science proved that the DNA is able to imprint it’s signature into the space-time (Vacuum Substructure). The so called “DNA Phantom effect” was discovered by the scientists Dr. Vladimir Poponin. This discovery points towards a global memory field which can be accessed under the right conditions. The hope that millions of people today have is that their beloved dead one will live again on earth. The Bible mentions very often the hope of resurrection. There is no doubt after the scientific discoveries made by Poponin and Montagnier that resurrection is possible. Well only who wish the contrary would now deny the scientific facts. Materialism is a refuge place for week egoistic people that are not willed to accept the Truth.

Montagnier, Poponin and the Joe Cell
On economic scale such discoveries will knock off capitalism from it’s pedestal. The biblical prophesy that money (gold and silver) will be left on the streets and nobody will pick it up (Ezekiel 7:18-20) will soon become a reality, because it’s evaluation period is over. New free energy technology will emerge suddenly out of open source communities replacing the expensive and pollutive old technology. Materialistic science will be replaced by a new spiritual science that will acknowledge the existence of God and the need of humanity to subordinate to it’s Kingdom.

The Joe Cell is such a free energy technology that is composed of concentric steel tubes. It is a cheap and safe technology that can deliver every household it’s own independent energy source. The principle of the Joe Cell is that water is able to store information. Through it’s special configuration of concentric steel tubes the water in the Joe Cell is configured to copy more and more of this “Electric Organizing Power” and transmitting this energy into a engine where it cause the air inside to implode. When the spark fires the air (that is already full of a higher order) will transform into a electrical plasma vortex. The space required for it’s end product is less than before the spark ignition. So the pistons are sucked up, running the engine on implosion instead on explosion.

Countless free energy inventions based on free-energy-technology are ready to “infect” the world and spreading like a virus replacing all old technologies that are a threat for humanity. The conditions for the “free-energy-virus” are now ideal.

For all people that are interested in the Joe Cell: It is not a electrolysis apparatus. The water inside the cell is not constantly under a electric current. Only at the beginning in order to start the “seeding process” the Joe Cell is attached to a voltage source (12V Battery). After some minutes the seeding process starts and it continues eternally if it is not interrupted by strong magnetic fields. The engine runs not on hydrogen! It runs by the true nature of energy: order.

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