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Free Energy Benefits Pertaining to Freedom

Free Energy Benefits Pertaining to Freedom

  • The emergence of free energy technology into the marketplace can mitigate the economic collapse by creating hope and jobs — a cushion to soften the fall. (Story | Story)
  • Free energy technologies foster independence from the grid and the powers that be. It’s truly “power to the people” in a literal sense, empowering people to not be slaves to the system because they are no longer dependent on the system.
  • The hope that free energy technologies provide gives us a major antidote to the fear that the conspirators are trying to instill in society in their take-over.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to survive when things fall apart, even providing a level of comfort during what otherwise could be very disturbing and uncomfortable times. The more people and communities that have free energy devices installed, the more robust they will be.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to rebuild after the collapse.

I do not put my hope in this world, because it will not survive. I really wondered for long time why this world is not fallen apart already, but then I realized that invisible forces acts against the winds of destruction, preventing the destruction of this world before a new core of society is established. Indeed today millions of people are waking up and learn how to live in the new world under a heavenly government. The hope we have is not that someone will rescue this world, but that someone will rescue us. This world will pass away and all what is in it. The new society will build up a world which is aware of the human origin and it’s destiny. In this new world the free energy technology will be freely available without restrictive forces from conspirators or liars. If a world was founded on illusions and lies it will for sure end. There is no continuity for a lie, no persistence for a illusion, because consciousness is like a fire. Free energy will only be available in a free world, free from illusions and free from lies.

Joe Cell Transmutation

Joe Cell Transmutation

Cleanliness & Transmutation

BJ and Joe have observed that a small sample of certain substance placed in the cell will be duplicated over a period of hours when electricity is applied to the cell. BJ has seen this with a couple of dozen compounds including sulfuric acid, alcohol, CFCs, and Mango fruit. Given enough time (e.g. around 24 hours), and the proper current and voltage, a substantial portion of the water appears to transforms into the introduced element, carrying all its properties. “Some kind of hydrogen replication effect on an atomic level,” BJ conjectures.

One time, BJ observed one of his engines run on a small volume of gasoline that was being created on the spot. This was witnessed by a mechanical engineer, who, for the hour that the engine ran, checked numerous times for possible sources of fuel. The engine would have run for maybe two to five minutes on the amount of fuel that was present. The CO/CO2 and other emissions were definitely the product of petrol combustion.

Joe Cell

The engine will not run on proton energy until every last drip of petrol has been consumed, or else it will continue to run as though petrol were being supplied to the engine even with fuel lines disconnected.” Some petrol can be trapped in the corner of the fuel filter and remain for extended periods until it finally evaporates.

Considering this apparent transmutation phenomenon, it is important when assembling the cell that you try to be as clean as possible. BJ cleans his stainless steel with methylated spirits, and wears cotton gloves while assembling the cell.

He thinks that not doing this is most likely why many Joe Cell researchers find scum build-up in their cells. It is a replication of any crud that was introduced during assembly, or that was contained in the water. One must especially stay away from grease and oil, including the natural oil/grease from fingers.

Obviously, this effect alone, if real, opens an entire field of study with far-reaching ramifications. While one might not be able to replicate anything larger than a molecule, it could come in very handy for inexpensively producing perfumes, drinks, fuels, and other liquid commodities.

The electrolytic capacity of the water will change as the water is transmuted, becoming more conductive, requiring a modification of the input voltage and current to maintain an optimal level and avoid heating.

Source: Proton Cell

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Joe Cell – How it works

Joes Cell question One

Joes Cell question One

What is a Joe Cell?
A Joe Cell is an electrolysis cell built with concentric stainless steel pipes. In one configuration, the pipes have diameters of 1, 2, 3, and 4 inches. Sometimes a five-inch pipe is also included. Different theories hold that the cylinders should be between 4″ and 10″ long. There are many theories of how the cell works. Among those who believe in Orgone energy, the Joe Cell is believed to be an Orgone Accumulator.

An operating cell progresses through a series of stages, the first of which is simple electrolysis, the second is referred to as the seeding stage, in which the cell builds up a charge in the water, which eventually reaches a point where the cell will run an engine. There are higher stages that supposedly can be achieved. For example, in stage 4 the cell is said to exhibit antigravity effects that reduce the weight of the vehicle in which the cell is installed.

Once the water in the cell is sufficiently “charged,” the cell can continue to operate with no external source of electric power.

In one report, the cell is said to generate a gas that energetically implodes when ignited. The tube that conveys this gas away from the cell is connected to a blind fitting or blank plug on the housing of the vehicle’s carburetor. This means that there is no physical opening through this fitting into the interior of the carburetor or the interior of the intake manifold. The author believed that the mysterious gas must therefore possess the ability to pass THROUGH the metal of the carburetor housing to reach the interior of the engine. The author did not address the obvious question of why much of the gas does not escape through the walls of the tube before it even reaches the carburetor.

Another report says that the cell should be connected via an aluminum tube to a location on the engine block close to a water passage. It will then “charge” the engine’s coolant water. The charged water is then believed to somehow provide the energy to run the engine.

A conventional gasoline-powered vehicle experiences explosions inside its engine, but a Joe cell-powered vehicle experiences implosions. Therefore the timing must be significantly advanced so the spark occurs during the compression stroke. A running engine will get cold rather than hot (negentropy). An engine powered by a well-made Joe cell can be idled down to 1 or 2 rpm, and could easily accelerate to 18,000 rpm if the valvetrain, pistons and rods were able to withstand the stresses. Joe cells are notorious for messing up a car’s electronic systems, so it is a bad idea to couple a cell with an electronically fuel-injected engine.

The following statements are attributed to “Joe” himself.

The water in the cell is not consumed.
The cell runs cold to the touch.
It takes a period of time before the engine will run from the cell. It then has an erratic power output and works in an intermittent fashion.
When the cell is removed from the car, the engine takes an appreciable time to return to “normal” and run from the original fuel.
If the cell is left in the car for a long period, the engine becomes “charged”. From this point, the cell is not required for the motor to run.
All spark plug leads can be removed and the engine will still run as long as the ignition coil and distributor remain functional.
The output of the cell does not have to be connected to the internals of the engine. A close external coupling will do.
The cell requires the “charging” of the water to work.
The cell requires a specific style of construction, little understood by most constructors.
The source of power for the cell and its use has great value for some individuals. These individuals are creating misinformation, cloaking operations and inducing fear in cell constructors.
Human presence can affect the operation of the cell in a positive or negative way.

Directory:Joe Cell
Alex Schiffer – Joe Cell – Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell

Do you really believe in Homeopathy?

Do you really believe in Homeopathy?

Skeptic Person:”You believe in Homeopathy?”

Me:”No. Homeopathy is not a religion, it’s science, a therapy method based on a universal principle.”

Skeptic Person:”But you take homeopathic remedies.”

Me:”Well, yes. It works even if you don’t believe that it works.”

Skeptic Person:”In my opinion it is just a placebo. Unconsciously you believe that it works, therefore it works.”

Mmmh, I got really no time and delight in convincing him in something that is so obvious for me and million other people who knows for experience that homeopathy indeed works.

Me:”It works for animals, bacteria, … do they believe?”

Skeptic Person:”No … but there is no scientific proof that water has a memory …”

Oh here we are again: The legend of “No scientific proof”

Me:”Sure, scientific proofs exist, thousands of scientific proofs, done in laboratory, under strict conditions, double-blind, double-double-triple-blind, …”

Skeptic Person:”So if (IF … THEN … ELSE) … if science proved that it works, why is it not recognized in mainstream medicine?”

Oh dear, … no but he is right. It’s a good question!

Me:”Let me ask you first a question. Then maybe you will understand on your own the reason why it is not accepted in mainstream. What is the difference between a person who believes in a meaning of life and a person who don’t?”

Skeptic Person:”Most people who believe that life has a meaning believe also in God, a creator, or at least in some force. In contrast people who don’t believe that life has an meaning are in some kind lost, without hope.”

Me:”What do you think, whom of this people is more adhere to the golden rule*?”

* Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

Skeptic Person:”Who believes that life has a meaning, right?!”

Me:”And why should people who don’t believe in a meaning of life not take the golden rule into account?”

Skeptic Person:”Because a person who has hope has the natural desire to share his hope. Therefore who has no hope will not consider the golden rule.”

Me:”Ok, now just another question and you will see how the big picture looks like. Is homeopathy a materialistic science?”

In philosophy, the theory of materialism holds that the only thing that exists is matter or energy; that all things are composed of material and all phenomena (including consciousness) are the result of material interactions. In other words, matter is the only substance, and reality is identical with the actually occurring states of energy and matter.

Scientific ‘Materialism’ is often synonymous with, and has so far been described, as being a reductive materialism. In recent years, Paul and Patricia Churchland have advocated a radically contrasting position (at least, in regards to certain hypotheses); eliminativist materialism holds that some mental phenomena simply do not exist at all, and that talk of those mental phenomena reflects a totally spurious “folk psychology” and Introspection illusion.

Skeptic Person:”It seems to be a kind of idealism.”

You should know that we have talked about the difference between materialism and idealism. So he knew the difference at the time we talked about homeopathy.

Me:”And on what kind of science is the mainstream medicine based?”

Skeptic Person:”Materialism … ah now I understand!”

Me:”We are living in a material world, right?”

Skeptic Person:”Ok I got the point. It’s the same thing as with the free energy research. …”

… we talked for another half hour and and we met again the next month. Surprisingly he was now convinced about homeopathy and he desired to know more about the memory of water. I was very curious and asked him what part exactly of our conversation changed his mind about homeopathy and he answered with a smile:”None of it. I made a self proving.”