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How to measure Life Force?

This question was in my mind 15 years ago and it is still something which I regard as one of the most interesting questions, because it involves a better understanding of what life force actually is. My scientific world view changed over the time and the changes was always a kind of a quantum jump. …

Can Science and Religion be Integrated?

Can science and religion be integrated? What comes to mind immediately is that religions themselves cannot agree with one another whereas science is basically monolithic. How can there even be trade between the two, let alone integration? … Currently, the overall perception of science is that it is materialist. The belief is that science cannot …

Free Thinking and Forbidden Books

It’s like butter and bread, like sun and moon, … free thinking and forbidden books are a marriage which incorporate a revolution in the mind, which affects the heart and then it generates a force able to change a whole society, a world, a system. For long time the church was opposed to the translation …

Dean Radin: Are You Nothing but a Pack of Neurons?

According to laboratory scientist Dean Radin, research suggests that our moral sense is deeply tied to our worldview. If you saw yourself as nothing but matter, how would that affect the way you live right now?

Dean Radin: The Global Consciousness Project

Laboratory scientist Dean Radin describes an experiment testing the relationship between mind and matter. In this experiment, random number generators are used to test whether collective human attention corresponds to a change in the physical environment.