Here are some of my ideas for future blog posts I will share with you. Whenever I finish to write one of this posts I will also update this site with new ideas on posts and sequels.

Prototype of an immaterial computer
Is it possible to “build” a computer outside of our physical dimension? How could this computer communicate with our dimension, or would it be possible to build a material-immaterial-interface? What could we do with such a IC (immaterial computer)?

What is entropy?
An alternative view on entropy, from the point of view of idealism / biocentrism.

Scientific Banana Republic Dictatorship
see Rupert Sheldrake on page 8 of his new book …

How will science be in the New World?

Economy, a dying animal
One of my favorite topics!

What is the origin of the universe?

Number 144 versus 666
… some new insights, 10 x 10 x 10 and 10 x 10, 144000 and 1600, and the missing ten in 666, the 143856 imperfection multiplicity

Space is shared consciousness
the relation between two object is one dimension and so on

The Universe is Mental
Again idealism and biocentrism, hot topics, worldviews, changing paradigms

How does the Collective (un)Consciousness reflect itself in Movies?
some topics are like archetypes recurring as a repeating pattern in movies

Metatron’s Cube and the Tesseract
Metatron Tesseract

Consciousness and Language forms the Universe
Everything is composed with in-form-ation. DNA is the highest concentration of “language” in the physical space.

Numbers are real!
Explain Peter Plichta’s and Marko Rodin’s theory on the real existence of numbers

No work is possible without consciousness!

Lifeforce works against Entropy
… it’s consciousness and a constant observation is able to freeze a state, reason why there are energy paths in our body (meridians) where the lifeforce flows in cycles. Else our body would freeze if we would have too much lifeforce.

Leibniz and Monadic Centers
Why has the human not one center only, like atoms?

There is only one way to stay healthy and detoxification is on the top of the list if you desire to start a cure that works.

Sacred Geometry
The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins

Quantum Mechanics … some thoughts about the numbers which shows a similar behavior like the particle/wave duality

Homeopathy helps to understand the Collective Consciousness
Somehow illness is a kind of function which prevents further illness, every illness is a security level that tries to prevent illness of the higher levels. Even death is a security function. But why? It is related to the big picture, not only the individual, but whole humanity. Understanding the phenomenons of homeopathy, one can understand the collective consciousness. Also there is a hypothesis which I wish to put into words: Why is illness always related to some kind of plant, mineral, insect or chemical element? Homeopathy cures by likes and this likes derives from nature, from the physical realm. Perhaps illness exist because we are stuck on this low level with our spirit. We have lost the connection to heaven. Therefore the marriage between heaven and earth will cure all illness. All phenomenons in homeopathy can lead to a deeper understanding of how life force works and how our mind is interconnected to the global organism. This is not only one post worth, but a series of posts. Even a book.

How Cognition is related to the Collective Consciousness
When we see a picture made of single dots, we are able to recognize the picture if we know the whole picture already. You know this kind of pictures? The dots are really big and they are really difficult to recognize. But Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has proved that if many people already know the picture, people who see this picture for the first time are able to recognize it a lot faster. We share this picture in our collective mind. What are the implications of this? Will humanity recognize the big picture one day? Are there people who know this and try desperately to prevent humanity of recognizing the big picture and finally to awake? What can we do?

War has to start first on the level of mind ( lots of people sharing a belief)
Fear and believes, impurity of thoughts, … cancer as a kind of war on the level of the microcosm (human), state of mind of collective is mass destruction of the planet, need for planetary consciousness which transcends higher level of reality, people want to live today and tomorrow they don’t care … responsibility of the individual don’t reach eternity, victim mentality, expect instant results and gratification, loose eternity of sight, bored, materialistic, delusion and anger, true security is not attained in physical world, desires out of control … very low level of awareness

The Conflict between Secrecy and Openness
I have already elaborated this thought, but I will try in a new post to concentrate on the aspect of the conflict, why it is so hard to let go and be happy with no secrets at all. Also explain why the internet, especially the social networks like facebook are a kind of inner expression for the desire to give up all secrecy … there is a strong desire of many people to share what they do, when they do, why they do … why??? This is not just a phase, it’s so much more.

The Internet is a Metaphor for the Future Ability of the Collective Mind to share Thoughts!
I’m not the only one who has got this thought. Explain! (ambiguously)

Experiments to be done with the water of a Joe Cell
Can it burn?
How hot is the flame?
How does it taste?
What happens to plants if you hydrate them with this water?
Does it continue to attract orgone?
How does it affect meridian and acupuncture points?
Does it reinforce the energizing effect of the AcquaPhi?
What happens if you dilute homeopathic (or Bach Flower) remedies with this water?
What happens if you just take one drop a day of this water?
And if you impregnate globulis with it, will they be good for our health?
If we prepare a homeopathic remedy, which effect will it have?
How will the frozen water crystals look like?
Is the weight of Joe Cell water different? (Like heavy water?)

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