Idealism vs Materialism

The mind is the base of everythingParticles, atoms, molecules, electrons and so on, are the building blocks of physical reality
Nonlocality is the normNonlocality is a strange phenomena which cannot be true, perhaps just a "missing parameter"Quantum mechanics indeed proves that nonlocality exists
Everything is connected with everythingParticles can communicate with each other, but they don't need toSynchronicity as Carl Jung described it is part of this interconnectedness
The mind is essencial, physical reality is an abstractionThe mind is only a epiphenomena of brain chemistry
Everything in the universe assures the free will as a central aspect of the mindFree will is just an illusionDeterminism vs indeterminism
Every thought exhibits power and we are responsible for the consequencesOur thoughts are governed by hormones and stimulus, so there is no such thing as responsibility

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